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In Google Searches Without The Security Certificate

It is not a new thing...
Google set the SSL certificate as standard back in July 2018, why you haven't fixed this since?

Google announced from July 2018 to set the SSL certificate as standard requirement meaning they prefer websites in the Google Search Results with certificate (https://) than without certificate (http://) to ensure the safe and encrypted data exchange.

They announced also with Chrome (over 50% of web users worldwide) they will bring into the attention of the visitor the security risk of a website without SSL certificate: “Chrome’s new interface will help users understand that all HTTP sites are not secure, and continue to move the web towards a secure HTTPS web by default.” (Google's official press release)

Possibly you have seen the page in the background, this is what comes up instead your page when you load from Chrome alongside some other warnings notifying you the site is not safe, also asking you to 'please go back to safety'. It is so easy to ruin potential sales and bookings with these warnings.

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